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What is a website and how it can help you?

  The website is a combination of several means of exposure of information, such as images, text, audio, video and interactional elements that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime by anyone.
If the Internet was not long present only in institutions or in Internet cafes, now it is everywhere and not limited to your home computer, find it increasingly used in different gadgets such as pocket computers (PDA) or mobile phone.

  The website helps us to interact between us, showing us the news, tells us what and where to buy and more.
Therefore your presence on the Web is extremely important for those interested in your services can come in contact with them. The website must be developed in that way that should be leader in search engines results because all those who search for services provided by your company to find you before competitors.

10 reasons to have a website?
We strung for you 10 reasons briefly to have a website.

1. The website will make your company, your products and services easy to find and accessible by anyone from anywhere and at any time.
2. The website is the most efficient and modern way of promotion.
3. The website will provide a greater flow of new customers and therefore a higher profit.
4. The website is a life investment which pays for itself rapidly.
5. The website offers more reliability to your company.
6. The website is the cheapest way of promotion.
7. The website can support and expand a business.
8. The website will help you to impeccably present in front of future customers and partners.
9. The website helps during crisis when the number of customers decreases and so you should opt for new tactics to keep your customers and make sure that those few potential clients choose your services and not the competition.
10. The website is the perfect tool for today where the Internet is ever present and people were used to choose and make decisions about the purchase of a product or a service looking after it and studies the Internet and most often choose products and services company which is the easiest to find and which presents better.

  WebConect offers a wide range of products and services for both web promotion and management of your company specials activity.

WebConect performe:

Presentation pages

Complex presentation pages (pages with administration module of information by client)

Online shops (E-commerce)

Web sites for ads and online auctions



Methods of working?
  Our work on your website is divided in two but is presented as one and that the functional site which can be found on the Internet both directly and through search engines. The two sides are front-end and back-end. They are the ones that compose the website.

  Front-end work is the whole combination of elements visible to a site visitor. Here are concentrated elements which make your site look like being well structured and contain the most useful information, things that make your website to have success.

  Back-end work is work behind the site. This is what makes website exist and work in web space. This work is done by programmers, SEO developers, flash developers, etc.

Back-end is in its turn divided in two parts.

The first part is the construction of website representing the code and the image that shall be built the website and can not be modified except by a specialist.

The second part is the administration one. Administration part si developed by a programmer and it also has a Front-end and a Back-end but which is accessible by just a few people which have the charge of administration the website through an user interface hidden for website visitors. Here are set some elements that can be modified almost by anyone with minimal computer knowledge use. For example you have a presentation website where you want to put the latest news or want to edit the services page. You will have a URL where you will access through a username and a password and you will enter in the management account where you can add information that you want to see on the news. Once added information on the website it will appear instantly and you will not have to call anyone to edit them.
The same thing happens at complex sites such as online shops, where constantly added or modified should be specific details of products or the products themselves etc.
This module of administration can be designed in a way that to fully satisfy the needs of editing the content of a website.

Linia dintre meniu

Stages of develop a website

1. Consultancy
It will establish an appointment with our sales agent where shall be establish the exactly needs of promotion of your company.
For example:
It will establish the type of website that you need and largely promotional strategy.
It will search the availability of a domain ( for your company that fits best.
It will provide a hosting for the site which will be developed.
If your company has no logo and visual identity will be established the details of their achievement.

2. The proposal
  WebConect will provide you a website proposal implementing all the elements established.
For example:
We will provide you a layout of website that will contain elements of design and structure discussed. This proposal is part of having a starting point for project realization. Here you can see exactly what we offer. If what is presented will thank you then have to go to the next step.

3. Signing the contract
We will present for signing the framework agreement and annexes that shall contain all the necessary legal details of a good carrying of the project.
  WebConect offers solutions for very attractive rates for payment for services that we offer. For more informations please contact us.

4. Realization itself
WebConect begins realization of your website by implementing the structure and gathering or making content material.
Will be made the remaining pages by the designer. These pages will be presented by our sales agent. After approval of layouts website will go to the programming department.

5. Completion of website
After the website is completed will enter into a period of testing and the content will be verified there will not exists any mistakes by the sales agent and customer.
So the website fully completed will be launched on the Web and handed to client.

6. After completion
Our work does not end here. Once website launched WebConect company will track its evolution in search engines and constantly adjust the small details of SEO (search engine optimization) until it will stabilize the leading positions in search engines.
During this phase, you can opt for other services and products that we offer in completing and promoting your company.

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