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  WebConect provides a large number of solutions for promotion, from promotion of web space and press to large street display. Customers can call us for various advertising campaigns that may include several methods of exposure to consumers. Solutions that we propose are designed to cost as little as possible and have the higher impact

What we provide?

Web Promotion
  Either by personal website or through other websites Web Promotion is currently the cheapest and affordable way to promote and the results are immediate.

Guerrilla marketing
  Is a concept and a promotion system that relies on unconventional shock elements and generally on a higher budget. This type of advertising is based on surprise, interaction and fun and is addressed to young companies generally with a younger target audience. Guerrilla marketing is often used even by large companies such as CocaCola, Nike, and especially the NGOs and their outcome is guaranteed.

Sweet Advertising
  Advertise via sweets packed in printed materials with your company name or company details. This way of promoting is similar to the distribution of printed lighters or pens.

Radio/video ads
  Addressed to companies that have a slightly larger budget and want a strong impact via broadcast stations locally in the city the company operating or national.

Advertising in press and magazines
  Must be constant and performed in parallel in several publications if the company addresses a wide audience and focused when they address only a certain category of consumers. This way of promoting is priced directly proportional to circulation. Therefore you can begin by exposure in magazines and newspapers with a lower popularity and as the financial results are becoming more powerful can move gradually to more popular publications.

Public display
  Can be done through prints of different sizes and exposed in various areas or large views on public displays permanent and specific views on the various events.

Development and distribution of promotional materials
  We perform a large number of types of promotional materials, from pens and lighters to shirts, glasses, various products etc. This way of promoting is quite expensive depending on the customized product and is often used to promote specific campaigns. Are often given as gifts to clients or to potential clients that the company wants them clients.

Inscription to various movable goods
  We provide inscription to machines and vehicles which often change their position. It is a cheap and practical way of promotion.

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Web design si Publicitate


    WebConect creates visual identity for your company if you do not have one yet or refresh the existing one for you to be always in front of competitors.

What is visual identity?
Why do you need one?

    It is very simple to explain what a business identity is, but we can not say the same about how to do it. Your business identity is the way you are presented to your customers and partners.
Identity means logo, color, design elements, text, slogan etc. All these things are made specifically for your business. These elements are what sets you apart from competition, are the components which creates an image recognizable by your customers which will be able to distinguish you from the competition. Identity is designed to show the professionalism and reliability of your products and services. Identity represents you and should be done by professionals to have the desired effects.

Logo Design

   Why do I need a Logo?

   The logo is the most important element of your corporate identity. The logo of your company must be created specific to the field of activity and and provide a recognizable and intuitive image for your customers who will immediately understand which services and products you provide. Logo design must be unique and must be differentiated from the competition. This together with the rest of identity must be done carefully and should have a look specifically for category of customers that address your products and services at. The design must be clean and professional.
WebConect gives a great importance to the design of your company logo and often is the beginning of our collaboration.
We know what it means to present yourself impeccable in front of customers, and especially how important is, like any business card, brochure, display and presence in advertising area to have the same design elements for making your memorable to potential clients.

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   WebConect offer besides web design services, complete services of printing and advertising production.
We produce from small prints such as business cards, brochures, flyers, presentation folders, calendars of various sizes, tags, labels etc. and up to poster-size prints such as banners, meshes, posters, stickers, rollup's.
Prints realized with digital technology as well as offset. Ways of printing are selected depending on the number of copies and selected support. Also we realize inscriptions on various fabrics, sticker for different media, pad printing, screen printing etc.
  All these services are offered by our company through sales agent who will present the finished material to your office to save your precious time for a successful business development.
We are committed to offering the highest quality standards, along with services and solutions for the future.

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   We offer complete solutions for promotion, both in area as well as advertising in newspapers television and on public land. Also we meet clients with advice and proposals to promote your products and services based on a preliminary study of the market and target audience, considering to maximize the power of promoting according to the budget.

Why I need advertising?

   Advertising is the engine that brings you in front of a larger mass of potential customers. Must be considered that the product or service that does not reach the customer is not bought. It is important that no matter how big is the business that you manage you must allocate a directly proportional budget for promotion, gradually increase the advertising allocated budget and emphasize methods that was successful.
Even if you currently have a steady stream of customers who have heard about you through word of mouth you must consider if this will continue in the near future.

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